Corporate & Government

Corporate Customers

Eureka Woodworks provides products and services for corporate customers. Whether it be as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) making parts or components, or providing woodworking and millwork services or as a fine carpentry subcontractor for a larger project, Eureka has all the know-how and capabilities to help with your next wood-based project.

Eureka also has in-house capabilities to cover all screen printing needs. We have printed on any flat materials from fabric/clothing to wood, acrylic, glass, metal. Eureka can print on any of your parts, components, signs.

As a subcontractor, we are proud to be a certified Minority Business Enterprise ready to support larger projects with wooden products, woodworking services or screen printing services.

We are thankful to be part of the network of trusted suppliers of many corporations nationwide.

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Government Opportunities

Eureka Woodworks provides wooden products, woodworking and millwork solutions to government agencies including Federal, State, Local entities. Eureka can act as a prime for the contract or as a sub-contractor. Eureka understands that the federal, state governments and local governments seek to do business, on a competitive basis, with competent businesses that can supply products and services as required by manufacturing and/or delivery specifications and schedules. Eureka has the know-how and capability to fulfill government’s needs by providing any products and services for projects that include wood or screen printing. Eureka’s experience and expertise coupled with the state of the art facility in Dallas, TX brings the comprehensive capability to fulfill these requirements.

Eureka Woodworks is proud to be a certified Minority Business Enterprise, certified Texas HUB and certified Small Business Enterprise.

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